Our Staff

Jackie Boucher
+1 952-928-4957
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Finance Director
Barb Simonson


Vice President of International Programs
Bistra Zheleva
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 19
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Country Director, Brazil, China and Malaysia
Andreas Tsakistos
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 12
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Leadership Giving Manager
Walter Abramson
1+ 952-928-4860 ext. 10
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International Programs Manager
Adriana Dobrzycka
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 11
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Development Support Coordinator
Cathy Huizar
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 24
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Events Manager
Bobbi Morris
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 16
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I​n-Country India Consultant
Veeralakshmi (Veera) Rajasekhar
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Communications Director
Faith Adams
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 18
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Clinical Data and Quality Improvement Analyst

Sarah Lovern

+1 952-928-4860 ext. 17

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International Programs Assistant
Ann Odens
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 20
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Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Rajashree Panicker


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Communications and Grants Specialist
Ryn Wiebe
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 26
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Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Kate Grzywacz
+1 952-928-4860 ext. 15
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The Need.


Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect, affecting one in 100 children. Only one in 10 children has access to care.

Passing on Lifesaving Knowledge

We work in concert with our dedicated medical volunteers, as well as governments and other organizations, to provide training, mentoring and capacity building opportunities designed to meet the unique needs of each partner hospital.