Our Work with Partner Sites

Children's HeartLink works with dedicated teams of medical volunteers who provide clinical expertise, training and mentoring to meet the specific needs of our hospital partner sites around the globe. 


Clinical Capacity Building

Clinical expertise is fundamental to the sustainability of pediatric cardiac programs. Children’s HeartLink’s core competency is promoting the development of clinical skills in a range of areas key to quality pediatric cardiac care—diagnosis, treatment (surgical and interventional), post-operative care, and more recently, family education regarding post-hospital care.
By facilitating training and mentoring partnerships between our partner sites and well-established pediatric cardiac programs in North America, Europe or Asia, we help our partner sites build the clinical capacity of their programs, thereby improving the quality and accessibility of care for children and families.
Examples of clinical capacity building activities include:

  • Full team cardiac training visits to our partner sites by volunteer teams
  • Volunteer consultant or small team visits targeted to meet specialized skill development
  • Specialized off-site training for partner site personnel, as individuals or in small groups
  • Quality measurement, monitoring and improvement training and support
  • Parent and family education on post-hospital care

Organizational Capacity Building

In addition to clinical skills, sustainability demands other types of skills and abilities. For example, a program’s leadership vision and capability, its financial condition, organizational culture, and support systems such as fundraising are key to a pediatric cardiac program’s ability to deliver quality care into the future.
We work with our partner sites and volunteers to identify opportunities to support organizational capacity building activities like the following:

  • Teamwork training and mentoring
  • Leadership and administrative systems development
  • Distance learning systems development
  • Strategic planning

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: Children around the world have access to high-quality heart care. 

Our Mission: To save the lives of children with heart disease, we partner with organizations to train medical teams, provide education and transform health care in underserved parts of the world.