Who We Are

Children’s HeartLink

Founded in 1969, Children’s HeartLink is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with pediatric cardiac programs in underserved regions of the world to promote sustainable cardiac care for children with heart disease.

Children’s HeartLink currently supports partner hospitals and programs in Brazil, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Our purpose is to assure that children around the world have access to quality care for the treatment of heart disease. In partnership with key stakeholders we aspire to achieve our purpose by

  • Supporting the development of self-sustaining centers of excellence in pediatric  cardiac care and training
  • Empowering medical professionals to meet the needs of children with heart disease
  • Supporting communities surrounding partner hospitals to coordinate resources that facilitate access

Children’s HeartLink works with medical volunteer teams from some of the finest institutions in the world to provide training, mentoring and capacity building opportunities that meet the unique needs of our partner hospitals. Our work with partner hospitals can include:

  • Organizing and facilitating full-team cardiac training visits
  • Sponsoring specialized off-site training for partner hospital staff
  • Organizing and facilitating consultant or small-team visits to meet the specialized needs of our partner hospitals, such as infection prevention and control
  • Supporting distance learning opportunities
  • Supporting participation in quality measurement, monitoring and improvement activities
  • Supporting partner hospitals in educating parents and other family caregivers in the most effective ways to care for their child at home after open heart surgery

Our phased support approach guides our clinical and organizational capacity building with partner hospitals. Our volunteers provide the core clinical expertise, as well as the training and mentoring resources, for all phases of support. The phased support approach is flexible, allowing Children’s HeartLink to support our partner hospitals effectively while maintaining focus on the long-term goals of sustainability and improved quality and accessibility of care.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: Children around the world have access to high-quality heart care. 

Our Mission: To save the lives of children with heart disease, we partner with organizations to train medical teams, provide education and transform health care in underserved parts of the world.